The Professionalization of Human Resource Management in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom( in conjuction with Dr Paul Higgins and Dr Ian Roper)

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The aim of this research project is to contribute to theory and practice by investigating the professional standing of Human Resource Management (HRM) practitioners in Hong Kong and the UK, given some important recent developments. More specifically the research aims to compare the normative content and organizational influence of HR practitioners in each economy; theoretically ground the basis of study in the context of the debate on HRM as being a form of 'managerial professionalism' demonstrating sensitivity to the discourses of leadership, management, bureaucracy and power and consider the extent to which homogeneity of practice of HR associations might be observed across different national contexts given the rise of HRM as an organizing principle for the management and development of people internationally. The research moreover, critically evaluates the extent to which the aspirations of the professional institutes match the workplace experiences of HR practitioners.

Funding Source: RGC - UK/HK Joint Research Scheme
Effective start/end date01/01/1431/01/16


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