The Predictor and Outcome of Social Support Giving – a Self-Determination Theory Perspective

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    This study examines the predictor and outcome of teachers’ provision of social support. It investigates whether ‘basic psychological need satisfaction at work’ is associated with ‘well-being’, and whether such a predicted relationship can be mediated by ‘social support giving’. Data will be gathered on local junior secondary school teachers based on a battery of questionnaires, from schools with varying backgrounds. The study extends the application of self-determination theory to study teachers’ well-being, with a connection to social support giving. The theoretical framework contributes a cross-disciplinary inquiry on teacher engagement, it suggests a crucial dimension to the universal belief of human satisfaction. The study will offer suggestions to promote teacher development.
    Effective start/end date01/01/2131/08/22


    • Social support, Self-determination theory
    • Well-being
    • Teacher satisfaction
    • Teacher development


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