The Hong Kong Jockey Club SMILE Project (Supporting & Maximizing Individual Learning Efficacy)

  • SIN, Kuen Fung, Kenneth 冼權鋒 (PI)
  • TSANG, Kwan Lan, Vicky (CoI)
  • SO, Kin Kwan, Kennith (Team Member)
  • LUI, Tze Leung, Rick (Team Member)
  • HO, Fuk Chuen 何褔全 (CoI)
  • LUM, Chun Wai, Ronny (Team Member)

    Project: Research project

    Project Details


    With the support from the Education Bureau for the Chief Executive’s Community Project in 2012/13, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust funded a three year project (2013-2016) to HKIEd with the approved amount up to HKD 10.5 million. The team advised teachers in mainstreaming schools in Hong Kong through the provision of different modes of school-based supports. It offered an innovative front-line support and study by experts in University for adopting the wide range of supporting strategies and curriculum approaches in catering for the diverse learning needs of students with special educational needs (SEN), particularly students with Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in mainstreaming schools. The project tasks included intensive school-based support, consultancy to schools with needy help, knowledge transfer seminars on differentiated instruction, empirical study on student learning, teacher effectiveness and whole school approach support among schools with different profile of teacher training in special needs; and resource production on strategies; teacher empowerment and curricular support to ADHD and ID students. Within 2013-2016, a total of 24 schools received the intensive school-based support and 120 schools received consultancy from the team. in the school consultancy, seminars and workshops, over hundreds of teachers, parents and SEN students were benefited. The deliverables included teaching kits for supporting inclusion in schools, ID students, ADHD students, reflective practice, curriculum adaptation, differentiation instruction and development of multiple intelligence. The support and outcome did help the betterment of inclusive practice in Hong Kong schools. The successful experience was widely share and disseminated in local, regional and international conferences with positive feedback. The mode of support was still sustained by CSENIE after the years of project completion. Journal Paper: 冼權鋒、

    Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
    Effective start/end date01/10/1431/10/16


    • School-based support, ADHD, Intellectual disabilities, Inclusion


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