The Examination of a Workshop Intervention to Promote Hong Kong Preservice Teachers’ Psychological Well-being

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The collaborative project (CAD210,000) was granted by WYNG Foundation to principal investigators Prof. Nancy Heath from McGill University, Canada, and Dr. Arita Chan (Department of Psychology) and Dr. Hui Wang (Department of Special Education and Counselling) from EdUHK. This three-year project is entitled “Enhancing Hong Kong Pre-service Teachers' Mental Health and Well-Being: Adaptation and Evaluation of the RESST Program”. The project aims to provide pre-service teachers with evidence-based strategies for enhancing their psychological well-being and resilience as well as effective skills in supporting the well-being and positive development of their students. The project will have three phases: (1) need assessments and control group study to understand the mental health of pre-service teachers, (2) the development of the Hong Kong version of Regulating Emotions and Stress in Pre-Service Teachers (HK-RESST) program by adapting the McGill University’s Regulating Emotions and Stress in pre-Service Teachers (RESST) program and a pilot evaluation of the HK-RESST to inform program revisions, and (3) evaluation of the revised HK-RESST program and dissemination of the findings.

Funding Source: UGC - Research Matching Grant (RMG)
Effective start/end date01/07/2230/06/25


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