The Efficacy of From Here to There: A Dynamic Technology for Improving Algebraic Understanding

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    The purpose of this project is to test the efficacy of From Here to There (FH2T), an interactive touch-based application developed with prior IES funding (Learning the Visual Structure of Algebra Through Dynamic Interactions with Notation). FH2T is designed to improve students' conceptual understanding of algebraic ideas. Algebra is foundational for understanding advanced mathematics; however, many middle and high school students fail to understand basic algebraic concepts. In FH2T, math symbols are presented as movable, physical objects, and perceptual learning principles and game design elements are incorporated to address factors that lead to low algebra proficiency such as poor understanding of the equal sign and failure to connect procedural knowledge, conceptual understanding, and real-world applications.

    Funding Source: Non-HK - Others^^
    Effective start/end date10/01/1830/06/23


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