The Chinese Healthcare Reform in Provincial Perspective: A Comparative Study of Fujian and Shanxi

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    This project aims to investigate China’s ongoing national health care reforms from a provincial and comparative perspective by examining the cases of Fujian and Shanxi. It intends to contribute to the study of health policy and economics with deeper understanding on the difficulty of implementing health care reforms in a highly decentralised system with huge regional variation, and the actual role played by the provinces in implementing reforms. It will also shed fresh light on the literature of China studies and public administration by substantiating how the provinces as intermediary sub-national governments translate central reform directives and manage local initiatives, depending on their varying fiscal and administrative capacities. The research findings and implications generated will facilitate evidence-based policy learning in China’s ongoing national health care reform.

    Funding Source: RGC - Early Career Scheme (ECS)
    Effective start/end date01/01/1431/12/15


    • Province
    • Health policy
    • Health care reform
    • China


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