Teacher Professional Development Programme on "Application of Theory of Variation in Lesson Study for Special Schools" (2013-14)

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The aim of the Programme is to equip teachers in special schools with the theory and practices of Learning Study for strengthening their role in classroom teaching which can then promotes their professional development. The programme involves 8 special schools with students ranging from slightly to severely intellectual disability. It emphasizes on how Learning Study can be conducted through school-institute collaboration on topics related to teaching and learning through an action research methodology involving steps such as meetings, pre-test, pre-interviews, lesson planning and implementation, post-lesson conferences and evaluation. The data generated has been published as book for teachers’ reference and results ahs been presented as a conference paper in a conference in Nov 2014.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Education Bureau
Effective start/end date01/08/1330/11/14


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