TA 7879 REG: Education and Skills for Inclusive Growth and Green Jobs

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    The growing prominence of Asian economies, together with globalization and technological innovation, are leading to long term changes in trade, business and labor markets. Countries in Asia need to align skills and training policies with economic and industrial policies to sustain growth, productivity and competitiveness, and address problems of unemployment and underemployment, particularly among the youth. A re-engineered, modernized and innovative skills development system, contributing to employability and sustainable livelihoods, is called for.The Asian Development Bank has a significant and potentially increasing engagement with its developing member countries (DMCs) in the skills sector. Appropriate investments and forward looking strategies are needed in the light of Asia’s ongoing structural transformation. This regional research and development project aims to strengthen link between research, policy and practice to enhance the quality and relevance of skills development systems in four countries(India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia) participating in the project. The details of the project and its expected outputs can be found in the document: ADB Research and Development Technical Assistance, Education and Skills for Inclusive Growth and Green Jobs, October 2011. The TA will help the DMCs put in place timely and effective policies and strategies for skills development. It will facilitate dialogue and networking between the public sector, business and sector councils, industry and occupational associations to assess gaps in policy and practice for the development of skills and to anticipate future needs. The TA will address both technology-oriented high-end skills as well as middle and lower-end skills. The TA will lead to improved knowledge and enhanced capacity in the DMCs to create an adequate skills base to support growth and employment, and serve green jobs in key industries. Education and training institutions will become aware of best and innovative practices for curricula and training approaches to respond to skill needs in key industries. The TA will address industries with potential for high employment, growth, and greening (e.g., building and construction, transport, waste management, energy, and hospitality). Four countries - India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam will be the main participating countries in the TA, although the findings and recommendations arising from this research study will have relevance beyond these four countries. National consultants will be drawn three from each country from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam for which in-depth country reports will be prepared. Three International consultants will also be recruited. The TA will address appropriate skills for middle-income economies and strategies for increasing competitiveness, including for new demands such as through green economy initiatives. While a common methodology and approach will be used for the four countries, the in-depth country reports will respond to the specific context of each country and take into account economic growth, structural transformation, and transitions to green economy policy priorities as articulated by the countries.The Asian Development Bank (ADB) recruits 15 consultants through HKIEd, in accordance with the ADB Guidelines on the Use of Consultants. The work assignment is for 2 years, from April 2012 to April 2014.

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