Supporting Kindergartens in the Teaching and Learning of Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Children

  • TO-CHAN, Sing Pui, Tikky 杜陳聲珮 (CoI)
  • Lam, Wai Ip Joseph (PI)
  • TSE, Shek Kam (CoI)
  • CHEUNG, Wai Ming (CoI)
  • LOH, Ka Yee Elizabeth (CoI)

    Project: Research project

    Project Details


    The project aims at enhancing the learning of preprimary non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children in Hong Kong (HK) and preparing NCS children with adequate level of proficiency in Chinese to enable them to learn together with local students without language barrier in primary schools.The project has targeted two major outcomes. The first is building teachers' and curriculum leaders' capacity on planning and developing effective instructional and assessment strategies to foster the learning of NCS children in kindergartens from a multicultural perspective with major focus on teaching and learning of Chinese as a second language in HK. The second is generating knowledge on curriculum planning, effective instructional and assessment strategies for the learning of preprimary NCS children with major focus on teaching and learning of Chinese language in HK; and developing exemplary research-based good practices on school-based curriculum planning, effective instuctional and assessment strategies and diagostic tools for assessing the learning needs of NCS children.

    Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Education Bureau
    Effective start/end date31/08/1201/09/15


    • Chinese as a second language education
    • kindergarten
    • early childhood
    • teaching and learning
    • assessment


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