Student moral identity development through service learning at university

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Data will be collected with students who participate in one of the following two types of service learning programmes: (1)Service learning courses: academic courses that incorporate distinctive service learning elements. These are offered in each degree programme at Lingnan University. (2)Service learning programmes and service-oriented field trips and internship programme that are not attached to specific academic courses. These programmes are offered centrally by CEDARS / The Service Learning Office, or by faculties/departments at the University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University. In order to allow both broad-brushed and in-depth analysis of students’ moral identity development through service learning, qualitative and quantitative data were collected. Surveys, extensive focus groups with students participating in selected service learning programmes will be utilised to obtain data for generating a broad picture of student service experience and moral identity development. Key themes identified in the surveys and focus groups will be explored in intensive interviews with individual students. Documents (such as reflective journals and essays) and onsite observation data will also be collected from these individuals, and used to generate case study data for more in-depth analysis. The themes emerged from the case studies in turn will be compared with the themes from the surveys and focus groups and themes identified in the literature.

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Others^^
Effective start/end date30/06/1019/12/11


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