Starting School in Hong Kong and Mainland China

  • WANG, Zhenlin 王貞琳 (CoI)
  • Hughes, Claire (PI)
  • Ellefson, Michelle (CoI)
  • Fink, Elian (CoI)
  • Katus, Laura (CoI)
  • Xu, Chengyi (CoI)
  • Wu, Zhen (CoI)
  • Chu, Claudia Pik-Ki (Team Member)
  • Heng, Jean (Team Member)
  • Wong, Siu Ching (Team Member)

    Project: Research project

    Project Details


    This study is aimed to examine the factors influencing children's school readiness in Hong Kong, focusing on child wellbeing and social relationships. Building on a UK-based study of children’s school readiness, the current study will first validate questionnaire translations, then connect viewpoints from teachers, parents, children, and researchers’ direct observations of child-friend dyadic play. The study will also assess classroom characteristics and collect objective and detailed data on family talk to contextualize school readiness.

    Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
    Effective start/end date01/10/2131/01/24


    • School readiness
    • wellbeing
    • social emotional development
    • parenting
    • schooling


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