Self-directed Learning and Curriculum-oriented STEM Education with Progressive Components

  • TSANG, Po Keung, Eric 曾寶強 (PI)
  • YEUNG, Chi Ho (CoI)
  • TSANG, Yiu Fai (CoI)
  • LEE, Chi Kin, John (CoI)
  • CHAN, Chi-Keung (Collaborator)
  • CHAN, Man Ho (Collaborator)
  • CHEANG, Chi-chiu (Collaborator)
  • CHENG, Kell Hiu Fai (Collaborator)
  • CHOI, Tat Shing (Collaborator)
  • CHONG, Yee Ling (Collaborator)
  • DENG, Wenjing (Collaborator)
  • HO, Wing Kei (Collaborator)
  • LEE, Hoi Man (Collaborator)
  • LEUNG, Chi Fai (Collaborator)
  • LI, Wai Chin (Collaborator)
  • MAN, Mei Sum (Collaborator)

Project: Research project


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