Scientific Computation and Modeling of the Physical Properties of Transition Metal Ions in Laser Host Materials and Nanocrystals

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    This project was funded by the Croucher Foundation and Dr. XIE Lin-hua of the Sichuan Normal University (SNU) was invited to visit the HKIEd SES Department (Department of Science and Environmental Studies) for six months (from 13 Sept., 2010 to 12 Mar., 2011). During his period of staying at HKIEd, Dr. Xie had completed or participated in the following list of major activities:
    1. Research collaboration – Collaborating with Dr. Yau-yuen YEUNG to investigate (a) the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of vanadyl doped K2SO4-Na2SO4-ZnSO4 glass using some crystal field theory or model and (b) the microscopic physical properties of magnesium oxide crystals as doped with some selected transition metal ions MgO:Cu2+ and MgO:Cr3 by using various molecular dynamics packages such as GULP and Quantum Espresso to simulate or model the changes in the ionic positions.
    2. Research Output – one scientific paper presented for presentation in an international conference and later the revised manuscript was accepted for publication in an international reference journal. Another educational research paper was presented in a local conference.
    3. Professional development – peer observation of a lesson conducted by Dr. YEUNG Yau Yuen at HKIEd; attendance of a number of public seminars held at HKIEd, participation of the First Global Chinese Conference on Science Education organized by HKIEd SES Department and observation of a science lesson by a in-service teacher in a local secondary school.
    4. Seminar – delivery of a public seminar on "Science education and scientific research in the Central and Western regions of China” at HKIEd as organized by the SES Department.
    5. Inter-institutional collaboration – facilitating the agreement on the conduction of an international comparative science education research project called ROSE in Sichuan.
    6. Other interflow activities – reviewing and assisting the editing of articles submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed online journal called “Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching”, visit of various scenic sites in Hong Kong and experience of local life-style etc.
    Effective start/end date13/09/1012/03/11


    • condensed matter physics, materials science, atomic physics


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