Safe and Quality Fish Production: Development of High Grade Pellets Using Food Wastes for Three Popular Marine Fish

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The ultimate goal of this project is to make use of local ingredients (food wastes and food processing wastes) to formulate fish pellets for the local aquaculture industry. Positive impacts on the environment, society and the marine aquaculture industry could be finally achieved, by promoting the sustainable development of the industry, both economically and ecologically. The main objectives of the present project are to: (1) develop suitable feed formulations for 3 different popular marine fish species, namely Sabah grouper, Pompano and Star snapper, using primarily local ingredients (food wastes and food processing wastes); (2) conduct laboratory-scale feeding trials on the growth performance of the 3 species; (3) conduct field-scale feeding trials to validate results obtained by laboratory-scale feeding trials; and (4) assess potential health risks of cultured products, in terms of concentrations of major undesirable chemicals contained in fish flesh.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Effective start/end date30/12/1630/04/20


  • Food waste
  • Fish feed
  • Marine Fish
  • Sabah grouper
  • Sustainable Aquaculture


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