Relationship between the Implementation of Junior Secondary Chinese History Curriculum and the Cultivation of Students' Civic Consciousness: Voices from Teachers and Students

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While a vital part of basic education involves the cultivation of students' civic consciousness, it is also an important goal as specified in the curriculum documents in various countries. The curriculum outline after Hong Kong's return to China in 1997 also clearly states that education should shoulder the responsibility to foster students' national identity and patriotism. Survey reports, however, have repeatedly revealed a decline in youth's national identification with China in recent years. The current social chaos, triggered by the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill saw many youths – even Junior Secondary School students – going to the front line, a situation which totally changed their image of being politically apathetic. Society as a whole needs to reflect on the root cause of this chaos. In public opinion, education is the first to be blamed for failing to foster students’ positive values towards Chinese identity, especially the subject of Chinese History, which upholds in its nature such ideological values as nation building and patriotism. This is the reason why so much attention arises in society every time there is any change to either the content or the pedagogy of this subject. The proposed study aims to explore the relationship between the teaching and learning of Chinese History and the cultivation of students’ civic consciousness. Through questionnaire surveys, focus group interviews with Form 1-4 students (who have taken Chinese History as a subject) and in-depth interviews with Chinese History teachers, the study will examine the methods and strategies used in Chinese History classes in detail and how these methods/strategies promote or impede the cultivation of students’ civic consciousness. By listening to their voices, it is anticipated that the study will indicate ways in which Chinese History may be better implemented with the goal of cultivating students’ civic consciousness.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR) (Special Round)
Effective start/end date20/03/2019/11/20


  • Junior Secondary Chinese History curriculum
  • Civic consciousness
  • Teaching content
  • Teaching strategies


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