READ & WRITE: A Jockey Club Learning Support Network - Publishing a Standard Assessment Battery for Identification of Secondary School Students with Dyslexia in Hong Kong

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The prevalence of children with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) in Hong Kong is reported to be at 10% (Chan, Ho, Tsang, Lee & Chung, 2007). Of these 6.2% were mild, and 2.2% and 1.3% were moderate and severe respectively. So far, this prevalence rate is yet included any rate of occurrence of SpLD among adolescents. To provide a full picture of SpLD in Hong Kong, it is important to take into the computation of the reliability and validity data collected through the administration of standardized assessment battery designed to assess various cognitive and academic variables needed to accurately identify and diagnose adolescents with SpLD. The development of the assessment battery will be developed to evaluate and interpret the cognitive skills and predictors related to the acquisition of literacy skills in Chinese, and use that information to provide suggestions for support in the areas of literacy difficulty. This battery will help psychologists to identify and assess secondary school students’ strengths and weaknesses in reading and writing.

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
Effective start/end date01/12/0929/02/12


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