Provision of Training Programmes on Two Different Components Respectively of (i) 50 Contact Hours and/or (ii) 30 Contact Hours in the 2006/07 School Year for Primary School Curriculum Leaders

  • TSUI, Kwok Tung 徐國棟 (PI)
  • LI, Wai Shing (CoI)
  • LAM, Bick Har (CoI)
  • AU, Mei Lan (CoI)
  • BERRY, Rita Shuk Yin (CoI)
  • CHAN, Kam Wing, Paul (CoI)
  • LAM, Tak Shing, John (CoI)
  • LAW, Hau Fai, Edmond (CoI)
  • LO, Yiu Chun (CoI)
  • YEUNG, Sze Yin, Shirley (CoI)
  • LEUNG, Wai Lun, Anthony (CoI)
  • YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 (CoI)

Project: Other project

Project Details


The project aims to provide training to the Primary School Masters (Curriculum Development) to enable them to enhance curriculum development in schools.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - EMB Commissioned
Effective start/end date01/03/0730/11/07


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