Provision of Services for Seminars on "Establishing School-based Mechanisms to Manage the Quality and Effectiveness of Tier-2 Support Measures for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs)

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More than 800 SENCOs from all primary and secondary schools participated in the captioned seminars targeted on establishing school-based mechanisms to manage the quality and effectiveness of Tier-2 Support Measures for SENCOs. The objective of the six seminars was to enhance SENCOs’ professional capacity in leading the Student Support Team (SST) in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of Tier-2 support measures under the 3-Tier Intervention Model. Another objective was to acquaint SENCOs with skills and strategies in assessing the support needs of students with SEN at different learning stages and devising relevant Tier-2 support measures and deploying additional resources to match the assessed needs of students. Most importantly, the seminars aimed at establishing a structured way to examine and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the Tier-2 support measures to ensure a positive impact on the progress of students.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Education Bureau
Effective start/end date21/09/2312/01/24


  • SENCOs
  • Teacher Education
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Special Education


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