Programme Evaluation of the Caritas Little Angel Project (明愛童心藝伴行計劃): A Supportive and Developmental Project for Children of Parents with Mental Illness

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    Dr. Amanda Wong was invited as the project consultant to work with Professor Thomas Power to evaluate the effectiveness of the Caritas Little Angel Project (2016-2019) in helping children of parents with mental illness to cope with stress in family. The Project Objectives include: 1. To provide support for the children of parents with mental illness and family members for increase understanding of mental health and coping with stress in family by using a wide range of art and family interventions. 2. To empower the children of parents with mental illness with their strengths and resilience with the use of creative means of art for all-rounded and balance development. 3. To liaise with different parties from schools to mental health professionals for providing sustainable social support and to recognize the needs of children and family with mental illness. 4. To utilize the recovery experience of children with parents will mental illness for mutual support by workshops and trainings so as to co-create a mental health friendly and non-stigmatized atmosphere. 5. To promote social integration and social acceptance for people with mental illness and to encourage the public for positive interaction with children and their families with mental illness by mentorship programs.

    Funding Source: UGC - Matching Grants
    Effective start/end date01/04/1631/03/19


    • mental health, resilience, children and family with mental illness


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