Pilot and Feasibility Studies of Applying Remote Assessment in Physical Education

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In response to the social distancing measures in Hong Kong during pandemic, Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE) of The Education University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with Hong Kong Physical Education Association, created a series of home exercise videos to encourage people to stay physically active at home. This was covered by numerous media in Hong Kong. However, without having any evaluating strategies, the effectiveness is in doubt. Consequently, the ultimate aim of the current project is to develop a low-cost, easy-to-use and attracting portable device which allows children to self-motivate to do exercise and self-administer assessments. Rope skipping can be done anytime and anywhere; therefore, this project will start with incorporating technology into this sport. The research team will cooperate with a technology company to invent a portable technological rope which incorporates heart rate monitor, pedometer and accelerometer to record exercise intensity, the number of steps/jumps taken and movement speed respectively. These can reflect energy expenditure and will be provided to the users instantly. Rewards, for example, badges, positive feedback and school ranking, will be offered as children seem to be keen to compete. As a result, the deliverables from the project will provide handy resources for teachers to guide the school children to do exercise at home and offer guidelines on how much exercise should be done with health benefits so as to promote an active lifestyle in the society.

Funding Source: UGC - Research Matching Grant (RMG)
Effective start/end date01/03/2128/02/23


  • Remote Assessment
  • Rope Skipping
  • reliability
  • physical education


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