PE Teachers Development Programme - Summer School for PE Teachers 2006

  • KAM, Wai Keung, Kevin 甘偉強 (CoI)
  • LI, Chung (PI)
  • LIU, Yuk Kwong, Raymond (CoI)
  • WONG, Kit Yee, Joey (CoI)
  • CRUZ, Alberto (CoI)
  • CHEW, Hin Pong (CoI)
  • CHOW, Pui Yu, Lina (CoI)
  • LEUNG, Pak Wai (CoI)
  • TSE, To Hung (CoI)
  • LIN, Fu Po, Violette (CoI)
  • U, Ling Kuk (CoI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


The Summer School for PE teachers 2006, featuring the theme "Assessment Literacy: Theories and Practices" initated by the Education and Manpower Bureau, will be organized by the PE Division, Department of Creative Arts and Physical Education, the Hong Kong Institute of Education. The project focuses on developing awareness of good and innovative practices in PE curriculum and pedagaogy especially assessment in local schools. The project includes: 1) a half-day conference titled "Assessment Literacy"; 2) a full-day school-based experience sharing seminar; and 3) 20 4-day workshops focusing on further enhancing PE teaches' pedagogical competence in promoting a variety of PE content in schools.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - EMB Commissioned
Effective start/end date19/01/0630/11/06


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