On the Security and Efficiency of Quantum Signature

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    Classical signature is an essential cryptographic primitive and has been widely used in various applications, particularly in secure electronic commerce. However, if quantum computers could be available some day, Shor’s algorithm would break most of the classical signature schemes in polynomial time, whose security depends on the intractability of factoring large numbers or solving discrete logarithms. Therefore, it is necessary to study quantum signature which is supposed to provide unconditional security. Quantum signature, as an analogy to manuscript signature and classical signature, can be used to authenticate the identity of the originator, ensure date integrity and provide non-repudiation service utilizing quantum mechanical laws. We will mainly consider the reason why quantum signature can provide better security and how to improve the efficiency of quantum signature. New efficient quantum signature schemes will be proposed and be compared with the other quantum signature schemes. Besides, detailed security analysis about some quantum signature schemes will be given.
    Effective start/end date01/06/0931/05/11