New Initiatives Supporting Implementation of “3+3+4”_Embedding OBL at the Departmental Level

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This UGC funded project has been conducted with the following aims: 1. To enrich students’ learning experiences through OBL that emphasizes a constructive alignment of teaching, learning and assessment activities in line with the objectives of the 335 academic structure. 2. To cascade implementation of OBL to the delivery and frontline levels, which will form an essential part of the overall quality assurance mechanism of the Institute. 3. To pilot OBL at the departmental level, namely the Chinese Department and the English Department, so as to develop the teaching, learning and assessment strategies that will facilitate OBL implementation in all departments.

Funding Source: UGC - Other Specific Funds/Earmarked Grants^
Effective start/end date01/09/0930/06/12


  • outcome-based learning, learning outcomes, constructive alignment, outcome-based assessmen


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