Multifunctional Environmental Paint for Wooden Furniture Based on OrganosilicaNanosol and Nano-material Additives

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(Innovation and Technology Fund, ITP/029/10NP, HK$ 1,329.682, 2011-2012): Wood is one of the most important materials in furniture industries. However, it can be damaged by the impact of oxygen, light and water. It is also susceptible to attack by microorganisms and insects, and can catch fire easily. Protection with appropriate paint coat is essential. Despite the reliable performance of solvent-based paint which has dominated the market for wooden furniture finishing, the hazardous ingredients (e.g. volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals) and the environmental-unfriendly materials involved pose serious health and environmental problems. Heightened by the ever-stringent regulations, a high performance water-based environmental paint is strongly and urgently required. In spite of a much lower content of volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals, the aqueous-based environmental paints available in the market usually suffer from long drying time, limited functions and chemical tunability. The new developed technology solution to these issues is the development of a new generation environmental paint based on organosilica nanosol, to which attractive properties will be incorporated through chemical modifications of the nanosol and assistance by nanomaterial and functional additives.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Innovative and Technology Fund (ITF)
Effective start/end date01/01/1131/12/11


  • Multifunctional Coatin
  • Environmental Paint
  • Nano-material Additives


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