Measuring Brain Activity in Dyslexia: Contributions to Training Evaluation, Prediction, and Identification of Underlying Neural Deficits

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    In an ongoing HMRF-funded study we apply two types of dyslexia trainings (meta-linguistic vs. working memory) and evaluate them at the behavioral and neural levels with EEG. The current proposal intends to add a waiting control group to the HMRF study design in order to better evaluate the behavioral gains of the programs, and at the same time investigate neurocognitive mechanisms of phonological deficits in Chinese dyslexia, as well as use powerful machine learning algorithms to predict dyslexia based on brain activity at rest and during a character processing task.

    Funding Source: UGC - Funding from The Chinese University of Hong Kong^
    Effective start/end date01/06/1830/11/19


    • dyslexia
    • EEG
    • training


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