Local Football Participation: Why to Come, What to Gain, How to Promote? Studies of Women and Grassroot Football Programs In Hong Kong

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This study is an integral part of the longitudinal and large scale study on sport participation, individual well-being and community development. Scholarly literature in the sociology of sports generally suggested that taking part in sports would enhance participants’ personal development in terms of interpersonal skills, positive values, collegiality, subjective well-being, family relationship and discipline. There would also have implications for the community and social development in fostering social inclusion and community cohesion. This study make use of football as an entry point, to explore if (or how) the football participation is good for the personal development of the juvenile and adolescents in their schooling years. How do the stakeholders in the community football development in Hong Kong (students, teachers, parents and coaches) perceive the current objectives and strategies on program execution?

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Others^^
Effective start/end date16/06/2131/12/23


  • Football
  • Grassroots
  • Community Development


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