Joint University Collaboration to Develop Students’ Competence and Leadership in Promoting Integrated STEM Education

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    This project facilitates STEM undergraduates and pre-service teachers to cross programme and subject boundaries between different majors of the university partners so that students in different universities could collaborate with each other in undertaking problem solving projects characteristic of STEM. The project involves two stages. The first stage is to provide the necessary inputs of a wide range of content knowledge from different STEM disciplines to further the students’ understanding of STEM. This is achieved by requiring students to attend joint-university lectures/workshops outside their majors. The second stage involves the formation of joint-university multi-disciplinary U-STEMist groups by different STEM majors from different universities. These groups will undertake experiential learning projects to solve problems through engineering designs. Each group will either partner with a social service providers to provide service to the needy or with a school to design STEM activities for school students.
    Effective start/end date01/07/1730/09/20


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