Jockey Club Youth Academy for Special Educational Needs (JCYASEN)

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Funded by the Chief Executive’s Community Project Fund of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, this project is to respond to the global trend and local concern to the education of person with disabilities, for providing the alternative learning opportunities in the university campus with unified effort and in an innovative approach. In order to fill the missing service gap, it aims at providing continual education and lifelong learning opportunities for SEN school leavers in tertiary institutions; building up an e-learning infrastructure for the course development; mobilizing the university academics and researchers for nurturing the talents of SEN students; being collaborative with schools and community experts for innovative practices in the mode of delivery; and empowering the pre-service teachers, community helpers and parents with the necessary knowledge and skills for catering for diversity. The project tasks include course development and implementation, e-learning, knowledge transfer seminars, empirical study, resource development, and training for different stakeholders. The coverage of the beneficiaries not only addresses the needy group, SEN youths, but also extends to a wide range of stakeholders, such as pre-service teachers, parents and community helpers. It is expected that over 3270 participants (Courses: SEN youth=750, Preservice teachers=360, Parents=180, Helpers=180) (Seminars: Teachers=1200, Parents=600) will be benefitted at different levels and stages of project implementation. The deliverables and reports will also help the advancement for course development, teacher education and policy development.

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
Effective start/end date01/01/2030/06/23


  • Lifelong learning, SEN school leavers, Diversity, Inclusion, Support to SEN


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