Investigating the Occupational Well-being of Hong Kong School Principals and Influential Psychosocial Risk Factors: A Mixed-methods Approach

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Building on my previous research on the well-being of principals and teachers, this project has two aims: 1) to validate two robust instruments for evaluating principals’ well-being and influential psychosocial risk factors using a sample of Hong Kong principals; and 2) to investigate principals’ occupational well-being and influential psychosocial risk factors at work in the current Hong Kong context. The project will employ an explanatory sequential research design using a mixed-methods approach. First, a quantitative survey study will be conducted to explore the occupational well-being and influential psychosocial risk factors with a sample of principals in Hong Kong. Second, a qualitative study comprising in-depth individual interviews will be conducted with a sample of principals to elaborate the findings from the quantitative data analysis. This project is expected to improve the capacity of principals and their schools to serve the community, elucidate the psychosocial drivers that seed success and wellbeing, build Hong Kong’s human capital, and enrich and advance the international research agenda in relation to theory, research, and practice.

Funding Source: RGC - General Research Fund (GRF)
Effective start/end date01/01/2130/06/23


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