Investigating the facilitators and barriers of mathematics teachers’ assessment literacy in the digital era: Instrument development and validation

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Assessment literacy must fit the teaching content. Researchers emphasize the importance of content knowledge and content-based pedagogy in a holistic framework of assessment literacy (Xu & Brown, 2016; Zolfaghari & Ahmadi, 2016). However, few quantitative studies have examined teacher's assessment literacy of subject content to develop a theoretical model of it (e.g., mathematics assessment literacy; Ayalon & Wilkie, 2020; Tan et al., 2017). Also, qualitatively measuring ALDE, such as expert evaluation or teacher qualitative self-reflection, require a lot of time and human resources, so we need a valid, low-cost instrument for assessing teachers’ ALDE. However, such an M-ALDE instrument for mathematics teachers does not exist. Without a valid M-ALDE instrument, we cannot quantify and statistically test theoretical models of M-ALDE or the effectiveness of training programs for mathematics assessment literacy. To address these gaps, the proposed project presents a mixed-methods study to 1. Develop an instrument for M-ALDE 2. Determine its psychometric properties 3. Investigate the profile of local teachers’ M-ALDE 4. Explore and examine the facilitators and barriers of M-ALDE

Funding Source: RGC - General Research Fund (GRF)
Effective start/end date01/11/2230/11/25


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