Investigating SEN Students’ Academic and Career self-concepts, School engagement, and Outcomes in Inclusive Education Integrated with Career Planning

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    The present Early Career Scheme (ECS) project (funded by University Grant Council, Hong Kong SAR) extends self-concept research by examining academic self-concept, career-related self-concept, school engagement and academic achievement in SEN students. Although not documented systematically in a single study, these factors have been consistently associated with students’ quality of learning and quality of life in and beyond schools. To overcome the limitations of cross-sectional design, the PI uses a 2-year research design with two phases. The quantitative Phase I focuses on testing the relationships among these variables (before and after an academic year) in SEN students. Phase II is a follow-up qualitative study to collect in-depth data through individual interviews. Three cohorts (S4-S6) of secondary students will participate. Another key feature of this study is the inclusion of an equivalent number of non-SEN students as a comparative group. In inclusive education, both SEN and non-SEN students are learning in same classrooms. The ideal goal is to cultivate similar academic and career-related outcomes between the two groups of students. The comparative results are expected to generate a deeper understanding of SEN students’ self-concepts for follow-up development of enhancement programs.

    Funding Source: RGC - Early Career Scheme (ECS)
    Effective start/end date01/01/1930/06/21


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