International Schooling and the Re/production of A 'Global Middle-class' in China's Greater Bay Area

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The research has four objectives: 1. Identify what is driving the proliferation of international schooling in the Greater Bay Area. The research will reveal the types of families pursuing international schooling and how their school choice is related to aspirations to join a 'global middle-class' or if there are alternative reasons. 2. Determine what constitutes ‘international’ schooling beyond the English language and international programmes from the perspective of school leaders, teachers, parents, and students in a range of international schools in the Greater Bay Area. 3. Demonstrate if and how international schooling in its different types serves as a pipeline to a ‘global middle-class’ in the Greater Bay Area. The research will identify how international schooling is re/producing worldviews, lifestyles, and post-high school trajectories associated with a 'global middle-class'. It will also identify the advantages of international schooling for education and career trajectories of a 'global middle-class'. 4. Uncover the potential disruptions caused by international schooling for societies in the Greater Bay Area. The research will identify if and how international schooling is exacerbating educational inequalities or creating identities among students that are disconnected from local communities.

Funding Source: RGC - Early Career Scheme (ECS)
Effective start/end date01/01/2231/12/23


  • International education, international school, global middle class, Greater Bay Area


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