Inexpensive Materials for Flexible Transistors and Inverters (ITC/ITF)

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Since the report of the first organic thin film transistor (OTFTs) in 1986, there have been great progresses in both the materials performance and development of new fabrication techniques. OTFTs have great potential for a wide variety of applications, especially for new products that rely on their unique characteristics, such as electronic newspapers, inexpensive smart tags ( and large-area flexible displays ( In this proposal, the first deliverable is to achieve high performance OTFTs based on inexpensive charge transfer (eT) complexes. We will demonstrate solution-processed ambipolar thin film transistors (TFTs) where the hole and electron can be transported in a single layer. From our preliminary results, ambipolar transport is observed in CT based complexes. Despite the significant importance of OTFT research area, there is no such research project related to the development of charge transfer materials for OTFT applications in Hong Kong. The principal and co-investigators will demonstrate the basic material requirements and simple fabrication techniques for building inexpensive practical OTFT devices.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt Related Organizations - Others^
Effective start/end date01/11/0930/04/11


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