In Search of an Ideal School-based Early Childhood Education Curriculum Rooted in Protestant Religious Principles with Ten Protestant-run Preschools and The Way to Implement It

  • LAU, Grace 劉慧中 (PI)
  • YEUNG, Pui Ling (CoI)
  • TSE, Shuk In (CoI)
  • Principals, of Ten Preschools (CoI)

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    This research was designed to search for an ideal school-based Early Childhood Education Curriculum rooted on Protestant Religious principles, and finding the way to implement it in practical classroom situations. Through collaboration action research with ten pre-school principals, their coordinator, and some of the teachers in these ten Protestant-run pre-schools as co-researchers, the researcher had gained in knowledge of the relationship between the pedagogy used by child-centered approach and the sort of difficulties involved.
    Effective start/end date20/09/0631/08/07


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