Home-School Collaboration as Online Learning Support System: A Case Study of Primary Schools amid Class Suspension in Hong Kong

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This proposed study responds to the policy need for research on the challenges confronting schools and families to support the online learning of primary school students amid the class suspensions in Hong Kong. For the majority of the 2019/2020 school year, classes in all local kindergarten, primary and secondary schools have been suspended in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic (and territory-wide protests earlier). The class suspensions have focused the spotlight on pressing issues related to students’ online learning at home. Over the years, various policy initiatives for the effective online learning of students have been introduced towards, among other milestones, the development of a digital infrastructure (e.g. access to computers or the Internet at home), digital literacy support (for students and their parents) and self-directed learning and family support. Recent policy attention has been drawn to the role of home–school collaboration as the enabling environment of online learning support. Similar to traditional learning environment, home–school collaboration is important in supporting and facilitating students’ online learning. Home–school collaboration becomes particularly critical and apparent when schools have moved classes online during the prolonged class suspension, and the burden of children’s education has fallen increasingly on parental support. Findings of the proposed study are expected to provide an improved understanding of the challenges encountered by schools and families during this critical period, specifically on the possible associations with the existing context of family-school relations. Such understanding is expected to inform the direction for the future development of a long-term effective family support system. With the view to understand the practices adopted by schools and families of different backgrounds, we will include eight purposively selected school cases for an in-depth case study based on school socioeco

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR)
Effective start/end date09/02/2108/05/22


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