Greening Skills: How TVET Institutions are responding in the Asia-Pacific region

  • PAVLOVA, Margarita (PI)
  • Kenneth, Barrientos (CoI)
  • Dr, Dayue Fan (Team Member)
  • Datuk, Haji Mohlis bin Jaafar (Team Member)
  • Irene, Isaac (Team Member)
  • Duger, Bujinlkham (Team Member)
  • Laksara, Eridisuriya (Team Member)
  • Jessica, Davis (Team Member)
  • Dr., Mac Van Tien (Team Member)
  • Martin, Borg (Team Member)
  • Jos, Hermanns (Team Member)

    Project: Research project

    Project Details


    The project is funded by UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre (Bonn) and is an important step in contributing towards an understanding of the ways TVET institutions are responding to greening of economies. It is broadly aimed at drawing an overview of patterns in greening jobs in the Asia-Pacific region, teaching/training the skills required to meet the demands of these jobs and analysing skills’ bottlenecks. This study brings qualitative and quantitative information on the skills that TVET students acquire during their studies as perceived by teachers and students themselves. China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and Sri Lanka are involved in this study. Data collected through survey seeks to explore how greening through topping up skills in two sectors, namely construction and agriculture, is embedded in TVET programs and how this is related to the government’s agenda on the greening of societies and economies. With a view that there is a need to re-orient education and training to integrate new skill requirements to meet the demands of low-carbon transitions, the study aims to facilitate understanding on how skills can effectively support transitions and how education and training can further improve, through including green skills into their programs to support implementation of government policies and empowering the youth for greater skills mobility and employability. Policy options for Asia and the Pacific region will be formulated.

    Funding Source: Non-HK - Others^^
    Effective start/end date13/03/1530/10/16


    • Green skills, TVET programs, topping-up skills, Asia


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