Framing and reframing Language Experience Approach: A self-study of enhancing Hong Kong kindergarten teachers’ literacy instruction

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This is a self-study aims at exploring and reflecting my consultancy practice in a university-school partnership project for enhancing teaching and learning of the local kindergartens. The study will focus on the use of an adaptive version of Language Experience Approach (LEA) which is framed as a tool for promoting vocabulary and reading teaching in two partner schools. I interpret that in the course of being a teacher consultant, s/he keeps on framing and reframing his or her knowledge and experience based on the active dialogues with teachers, colleagues and the professional literature. This process enables me to develop a more clear understanding of my own consultancy practice, and consequently, know the needs of teachers in professional development of literacy education better. Through investigating the teaching practice of the partner teachers who use the adaptive version of LEA, I also deconstruct and reconstruct LEA for enriching the repertoire of literacy pedagogy of the local early childhood education.

Funding Source: HK Others - Departmental Research Fund^^
Effective start/end date17/10/1112/01/13


  • Language Experience Approach, Self-Study, Literacy Instruction, Preschool Teacher Training


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