Experiential learning project for students with SEN: Independent evaluation for SE benchmark, career planning & generic skills in ID schools

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This is a three-year project. While the team are developing the VRL curriculum, providing the transition support from school to career planning, and training students in community adjustment, career, and personal care, ISNIE will help examining the program effectiveness by developing instrument for measuring the attainment of the remaining 3 generic skills of individual students with different extent of intellectual disabilities, by evaluating the effectiveness of resources, services and training of the project programs; and by identifying successful evidence-based practices through a wide range of investigation. Furthermore, for sustainability, ISNIE will offer training the pre-service teachers to be ABL/VRBL mentors/coaches as well as organize knowledge transfer activities for the outcome dissemination. The committed tasks will be a. To provide professional advice/input on the design, development, research, learning hub and dissemination for developing the Hong Kong Bench Mark Adaptation for Special Schools and Tailor-making Self-Assessment Tools; b. To conduct evaluation among stakeholders on using Hong Kong Bench Mark Adaptation for Special Schools and Tailor-making of Self-Assessment Tools; c. To further validate and develop instrument the three remaining generic skills for measuring ID individuals’ attainment; d. To evaluate the effectiveness of the CV360 and VASK training program; e. To provide training of pre-service teachers on knowledge and skills in assessment, interventions and career support through the ABL, VRBL activities, CV360 and VASK; f. To support the knowledge dissemination on the project outcome to in-service teachers local, regionally and internationally.

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
Effective start/end date01/09/2231/08/25


  • Special Education Bench Mark, Adventure-based Learning, Virtual Reality Based Learning, Career Education


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