Evaluation of technology-enhanced learning of General Studies

  • SO, Wing Mui, Winnie 蘇詠梅 (Team Member)
  • YEUNG, Yau Yuen (PI)
  • CHAN, PING MAN (Team Member)
  • LAM, Chung Man, Irene (Team Member)

Project: Other project

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During the last decade, different types of ICT or digital devices, including pocket PC, MP3/PMP, digital cameras, webcameras, netbook computer, ipod, ipad, handheld dataloggers, RFID, Wiimote, GPS and smart phones (or mobile phones) etc., have been employed (in conjunction with some appropriate or innovative pedagogy) by a number of researchers and proactive teachers to enhance the learning of science or other subjects within and outside the classroom environment. Recently, a primary school which has obtained a QEF grant to develop a technology-enriched learning environment to facilitate their implementation of an innovative school-based curriculum on project learning and scientific inquiry. The school aims not only to nurture their students’ ability for effectively conducting inquiry-based project learning but also to further develop the General Studies teachers’ professional competence. They are now acquiring a lot of facilities/resources (mainly digital devices) and hiring a teaching assistant to assist them in developing the relevant materials for some innovative teaching and learning activities. Members of this team are engaged as their consultants to help them through provision of workshops for training, mentoring for lesson study and conduction of school-based test-bed study. This project aims to 1. evaluate the students’ learning effectiveness through a series of innovative teaching activities as driven by the use of selected technologies; 2. assess the teachers’ attitudes and competence towards the new approach of intensively employing technology to enhance the learning of General Studies in their school; and 3. investigate the interplay between some innovative pedagogy, selected digital technologies and the context in a primary school.

Funding Source: HK Others - Departmental Research Fund^^
Effective start/end date01/12/1030/11/11


  • science education, technology-enhanced learning, learning effectiveness


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