Estimating the initial effect of Bridge instruction in an Economically Disadvantaged Inland Province

  • KO, Yue On, James 高裕安 (PI)
  • CANTRELL, Steven (CoPI)
  • LI, Wanlu (Team Member)
  • YUAN, Hui (Team Member)

Project: Research project

Project Details


This project a strategic collaboration with a UN Global Participant serving Africa and India to tackle the global education crisis in a sustainable and scalable way. As a data and evidence-driven enterprise, Bridge is launching an early evaluation of the initial effects on English language learning in an inland province of China. This will be a preliminary estimate, following a very brief instructional period. The data is expected to help Bridge better understand how well their methods are working in the disadvantaged inland Chinese province as they have succeeded to improve learning for other underserved communities in Africa and South Asia. The investigators also expect to learn whether their proprietary instructional impact is consistent across grades and schools.

Funding Source: HK Others - Business Commissioned
Effective start/end date20/12/1830/04/19


  • language assessment, motivation, English teaching, rapid intervention


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