Establishment of New Paradigm with Feasible Models in Teaching and Learning Science for Problem Solving and Future Development

  • KONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 (PI)
  • Wai, Yin POON (PI)
  • Thomas, Kwok Keung AU (PI)
  • S., Y. CHEUNG (CoI)
  • Ming, Chung CHU (PI)
  • Liwen, JIANG (PI)
  • Matthew, Kin Wah MAK (PI)
  • Pang, Chui SHAW (PI)
  • Teng, Fong WONG (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


The project aims to create critical mass, in terms of human resources and digital resources in science to meet the needs of local students; support the development of a new teaching and learning paradigm that implants blended leaning and eLearning (beLearning) as an indispensable component in programme-level curriculum design; actively engage students in the beLearning movement; and to cultivate a community of practices that serves as an effective change agent in the development of beLeaning. Expected outcomes and deliverables of the project include a host of T&L objects across a wide range of science topics will have been developed and used by teachers; practical and feasible blended and eLearning models established; practical and feasible models to actively engage students established; and community of practice established and buy-in of frontline teachers enhanced. To engage a large group of teachers to develop a host of T&L objects across a wide range of science topics; develop practical and feasible beLearning models; develop various models to actively engage students; develop various models to actively engage students; design and launch a series of activities to promote the successful models to other teachers, programmes and institutions are the major activities of the project. The project team will also organize professional development workshops; set up a blended learning multidisciplinary support team in the Faculty of Science of CUHK and the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology of HKIEd to provide support to teachers; work to formalize the models described under O2 and O3 (e.g., to formalize the use of online courses as pre-requisite courses, to provide students who involve in student models as described under O3 with formal recognition); organize and participate in T&L workshops and conference and set up a website and organize workshops to disseminate project results.

Funding Source: UGC - Block Grant
Effective start/end date01/07/1431/03/18


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