Enhancing Literacy Education with Artificial Reality Neo-platform (eLEARN) 2.0 / 透過人工實境的新平台來優化素養教育2.0

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Based on the success of our pilot study with VR technology, this project aims to extend the eLEARN 1.0 platform to serve a large-scale population in Hong Kong primary schools. Using design-based implementation research (DBIR), our project team will develop and disseminate the use of VR technology and co-create a new e-learning platform with school teachers, business partners, and scholars, with the following objectives aligning with the curriculum and providing professional trainings for inservice primary teachers. The following are the objectives: (a) Based on the courses of Chinese, English and General Studies (personal, social and humanities education key learning area), use virtual reality technology to optimize and promote the eLEARN learning platform; 以中文科、英文科及常識科(個人、社會及人民教育學習領域)課程為基礎,透過虛擬實境技術去優化和推廣 eLEARN 學習平台; (b) Under the co-preparation and design of a platform containing virtual reality technology with teachers, teaching design and related teaching materials to support life-wide learning; 在與老師共同備課及設計包含虛擬實境技術的平台下,以支援全方位學習的教學設計和相關教材; (c) Evaluate the effectiveness of the optimized eLEARN platform and suggest the future development direction of integrating virtual reality into teaching; 評估已優化的 eLEARN 平台的成效,並建議未來虛擬實境融入教學的發展方向; (d) Encourage and support students to assist their learning through the eLEARN platform; and 鼓勵及支援學生透過 eLEARN 平台輔助學習; 及 (e) Explore how the eLEARN platform can effectively support the learning model of the “new normal” under COVID-19 and beyond. 探討 eLEARN 平台如何有效地支援「新常態」的學習模式。

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Quality Education Fund (QEF)
Effective start/end date01/09/2331/08/26


  • Literacy education, Artificial Reality Neo-platform, Hong Kong primary schools


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