Enhancing learning engagement and outcomes through formative e-assessment tasks in the General Education foundation course

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This project aims to enhance freshmen’s learning engagement and outcomes in the General Education (GE) foundation course by incorporating formative e-assessment (FEA) tasks into the tutorial process. A teacher guide on FEA task design and implementation, FEA tasks, cases of using FEA tasks, and a relevant website will be developed and refined during the project. The GE foundation course is an important course aimed at cultivating undergraduates’ generic skills for their future life and work. The effectiveness of the course depends on the level of student engagement and learning outcomes. FEA can enhance undergraduates’ learning engagement and outcomes due to the nature of formative assessment and the relative affordance of technology. This project will adapt Salmon's five stage model to design and implement FEA tasks in tutorials. A quasi-experimental design will be utilized to collect data from at least 10 tutorial groups of the GE foundation course using the methods of survey, interviews and document analysis. The data will be used to evaluate the effects of FEA on learning and provide insights to formulate an FEA framework as a reference for assessment innovation in GE at the tertiary level.

Funding Source: UGC - Teaching Development Grants (TDG)
Effective start/end date01/06/1831/08/19


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