English Learning in Blended Learning Environments: Investigating and Enhancing Self-regulated Learning of Beijing and Hong Kong Undergraduate Students

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Dr. Yang (杨滨瑜, Assistant Professor) and I (张越, Assistant Professor) will 1) conduct a research collaboration (two mixed-methods studies using a structural equation modeling approach among over 1000 participants and follow-up interviews of 20 selected survey respondents) to compare English self-regulated learning (ESRL) of Beijing and HongKong undergraduate students (October & November 2023); 2) take a pro-active and locally responsive approach to draw upon the results and provide an online seminar for students and lecturers to share their ESRL experiences to bridge the gap between the teacher and students and learn from the other context (December 2023); 3) provide two online workshops to enhance students' ESRL and teachers' ESRL strategies (January & May 2024); and 4) present our findings at two local and international conferences and universities. This program aims to 1) understand and investigate the English self-regulated learning (ESRL) experience of undergraduate students and lecturers in Beijing and Hong Kong; 2) generate the similarities and differences in ESRL practices in these two contexts; 3) draw on the results to create an online space for Beijing and Hong Kong undergraduates and their lecturers to share their blended learning and ESRL experience, exchange thoughts and strategies, and learn from each other in a seminar; 4) draw upon the results from the study and discussion from the seminar to provide feedback tailored to the needs of students and lecturers for them to learn from each other in one workshop for students (ESRL learning strategies) and another one for lecturers (ESRL teaching strategies); and 5) BHUA Activity Proposal 2023-2024 publicize the results of the study and these activities as successful cases of Beijing-Hong Kong collaboration in English language education research, learning, and teaching practices.

Funding Source: Non-HK - Others^^
Effective start/end date21/11/2331/07/24


  • English learning
  • blended learning environments
  • self-regulated learning
  • Beijing and Hong Kong students


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