Empowering Youth Skills for green innovation: fostering green transition to a Sustainable Future

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The aim of this project was to explore the relationships between green innovation, green transition, and skills requirements to address the implementation of SDGs, UNESCO TVET strategy, and the Green-net initiative that emphasized skills for individuals, economies, and societies to ensure a green transition towards a sustainable future. Green innovation provides the tools and solutions needed for a sustainable future, while the green transition sets the stage for the widespread adoption of these innovations, fostering holistic and transformative change across societies and industries. This project brings together different stakeholders, including industry, youth organizations, educators, and students, to discuss issues of the green transition and the role of education in it. It achieved the following outcomes: • Established understanding of the linkages between green innovation, entrepreneurship, youth, and skills required. • Raised awareness in relation to green innovation and entrepreneurship through the Social Enterprise Pitching Competition • Raised students and academic awareness on how to make the campus more sustainable by identifying sustainability issues and proposing solutions based on photo competition. • Formulated ideas for joint projects for youth empowerment. • Developed practical green skills on how to transform used cooking oil into candles.

Funding Source: Non-HK - Others^^
Effective start/end date12/01/2430/04/24


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