Empowering Local School Teachers' Capabilities in Responding to COVID-19-Related Legal Issues Through Experiential Learning

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The project has impacted the target non-academic sector (i.e. local school teachers) with deepened understanding on general common law concepts and strengthened capabilities to cope with COVID-19 related legal issues through experiential learning. By delivering common law concepts in the form of interactive lecture, discussions and case studies with videos showcasing different simulated real-life scenarios which might possibly be encountered by the targets, the legal awareness of local school stakeholders on the relevant legal values and concepts (e.g. negligence) have been raised and highlighted. With enhanced degree of legal values and awareness especially on issues related to tort law, local teachers become more aware of the potential legal issues that may arise from COVID-19 both within and outside the school setting, and would also be better prepared to handle relevant matters more confidently in an appropriate manner.

Funding Source: UGC - Funding from The University of Hong Kong^
Effective start/end date23/03/2130/06/21


  • law, education, experiential learning


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