Early Fatherhood among Returnees in Hong Kong: Spousal Relations, Childrearing and Work

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The research adopts a qualitative approach to explore how Chinese returnees make sense of and ‘do’ fatherhood. Our ethnographic fieldwork includes participant observation and in-depth interviews with 24 whole-family case studies. The study aims to capture complex family dynamics and will contribute to new methods in family research in Hong Kong by examining the changes affecting men within the context of the family, rather than a mere focus on women, which has been the traditional way in family studies.

Funding Source: UGC - Other Specific Funds/Earmarked Grants^
Effective start/end date01/03/1528/02/17


  • Chinese return migration
  • New fatherhood
  • Hybridity
  • Work-family balance
  • Multiple masculinities


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