Drama Education in Hong Kong Schools - Research and Evaluation of Outcomes

  • NG, Tsui San, Teresa 吳翠珊 (CoI)
  • HUI, Ming Fai, Margaret (PI)
  • CHAN, Yuk Lan, Phoebe (CoI)
  • LEE, Suk Yian, Susanna (CoI)
  • SHU, Chi Yee, Jack (CoI)
  • PANG, Yuk Man (CoI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


The project aims to identify the nature and practices of drama education in Hong Kong, and to formulate the performance descriptors for the evaluation and analysis of drama and drama-in-education programmes in Hong Kong schools. The research design places great emphasis on the multiple uses of data including quantitative, qualitative, and documentary methodology to analyse the past three years, the present, and the future two years of drama learning and drama-based learning in Hong Kong. Research methods include documentary collection and analysis, large-scale questionnaire survey to all schools in Hong Kong, interviews of selected teachers, lesson observations and critical review of drama performance. Hence, a longitudinal study of students' academic performance in the targeted schools as well as case studies on the teaching of drama as a germinating subject on the KLA (arts education) and the use of drama-in-education techniques as an innovative teaching methodology will all be conducted. Towards the final stage of the research project, curriculum evaluation of the drama programmes and drama-in-education programmes in schools will be implemented. Recommendations will be made to the Hong Kong ADC on the further development of the drama curriculum for primary and secondary schools and sponsorship of drama-related activities to promote this mostly neglected discipline.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Effective start/end date01/05/0631/12/08


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