Development of advanced multi-functional coating technologies for environmental and health industries

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(Innovation and Technology Fund, ITP/029/09NP, HK$960,000, 2009-2010) + (GSP-Internship Programme, InP/001/10 , HK$113,468, 2009-2010) + (GSP-Internship Programme, InP/002/10 , HK$113,468, 2009-2010) The objective of this project is to nurture a new industry in Hong Kong that manufactures high value-added products with advanced multi-funtional phtocatalytic coating in environmental purification. Conventional photocatalytic coating usually requires long residence time for effective photocatalytic process due to its low surface area and limitation of light absorption in UV range. Therefore, the conventional photocatalytic process cannot be applied in indoor environment. Driven by the need of overcoming weaknesses of conventional photocatalytic process, a highly efficient air cleaning system will be developed based on the advanced multi-funtional photocatalytic coatings coupled with ozone treatment technology and optimized photoreactor configuration. The project will largely increase the efficiency of sterilization, disinfection and self-cleaning in air purification system that will offer significant benefits for the environmental and health sectors.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Innovative and Technology Fund (ITF)
Effective start/end date14/12/0913/12/10


  • Multi-funtional coating
  • Environmental purification
  • Photocatalysis


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