Development and Evaluation of a Computerised Morphology Training Package on English Literacy in Hong Kong Primary School Students with Reading Comprehension Difficulties

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Reading comprehension proficiency is essential for academic success and positive educational outcomes. Some students are facing challenges in learning to comprehend text proficiently and timely intervention should be provided to these students to reduce the risk of future reading and academic failure. Enhancing component skills of reading comprehension is found to be an effective way to support reading comprehension development. Emerging evidence has shown the promising effects of morphological awareness training on reading comprehension outcomes. However, no study has examined the effects of computerized morphology training on English reading comprehension in Chinese students with English reading comprehension difficulties. To address this research gap, the present study is proposed to develop a computerized morphology assessment and intervention package for primary school students with English reading comprehension difficulties and conduct rigorous scientific evaluation of the training package on English literacy outcomes. The project also aims to maximize impacts by promoting the use of the package in local primary schools and families with children who are having reading disabilities.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - SCOLAR/Language Fund
Effective start/end date01/10/2130/09/23


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